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Less sexual today. Im feeling good. Phone been quiet. Less sex on the blog. There’s more to me than that nasty nigga yall see . I dig this.

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Me and ebs sitting around making strategy . Eating pizza watching tv. Teaching her to budget better she’s teaching me to braid hair better. Making plans too help her with this 5 k im throwing to her. Lord help me

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I can’t click my reblog button hard enough

It’s not just the ladies who get insecure, it’s all of us.  It’s a human trait, yo.

reblog this everytime i see it. soooo cute!

this made me cry happy tears

This is cute af

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It’s been a good day. . Enlightening. Great shopping . Good convo.

How y’all

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Truthful Anon Feelings:

Go on ANON and tell me what you think of me. I do not want to know who it is, at all. Don’t tell me who it is, don’t give me hints, don’t say your screen name. Tell me exactly what you think of me. Don’t sugarcoat things. Don’t lie. If you hate me, tell me why. Tell me what I’m doing wrong. If you like me, tell me why. Tell me exactly what you think of me.

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isexedhissoul thank you tameko

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Stopped the day to catch up to my ladies at the park the street from work… my ladies having to much fun . I live for this

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Time to go shopping

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